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Friends, Facebook, and Followup

Facebook is so funny.  You're sitting there trying to beat level 89 of Candy Crush, and up pops this friend request - this person you haven't seen or heard from in years, you were in homeroom with him in 10th grade.  During your years, you probably exchanged... I don't know... 35 words?  Now, he is so excited to have found you.

So, your finger hovers over the button on your smartphone...
Do I accept?  What's his name again?  oh, yeah.. Jake.  

So, you click on his profile to see what he shares with the public.  A few photos, not much.  He looks like his younger version, just heavier.  Oh, his wife looks nice.  Looks like they live in Rhode Island.  I don't know anybody else in Rhode Island.

So, you accept the request.  Now, there he is.. friend number 389.  You don't really care that he found a new shawarma place for lunch today, or that his kid lost a tooth.  You don't want to be bothered with how upset he is at his electric bill.  The truth is.. you don&…