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Have Housing Prices Bottomed Out?

I thought you may find interest in the article I’ve attached.A couple of things to note: When they speak of investment from HUD, they are talking on 2 different planes: 1.One, HUD reports out partially because housing is a large component (in typical years) of the investment side of our GDP.Since you don’t “use up” houses, and they typically gain in value, housing is calculated as an investment, where shoes, televisions, cars, and most other physical purchases are in the “consumption” bucket.So, it is monitored closely, as improvement in housing makes a big difference in our GDP 2.They are also in the last line of this report (which I’ve bolded and underlined for you), speaking of investors in the construction industry, as opposed to the guy who is talking to you about picking up a couple of specs for rental.This is huge, as it ties to our sales meeting a couple of weeks back.Again, I don’t perceive that we will see what is referred to as a “hockey stick” turn and subsequent growth, bu…