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How to close after a terrible presentation....and tonight's winning lotto numbers

Forgive the title, but I figured if I was going to promise something big, I should Go REALLY big!
In the last blog, I challenged the big, fat, lie about closing- which is that it is Only a numbers game, that if you aren't selling enough, you simply aren't closing enough.  Now, this may be partially true, but I submitted that what really is probably going on is that you are holding back.  You aren't closing enough because you aren't building trust, demonstrating value, and creating separation from your competitors- so your gut is telling you that you haven't earned the right to ask for their business!
So, how do you earn the right?  Well, you'll have to read the next Blog for that!  The feedback I got from the last blog tells me that you agreed, that's why you're not closing more often.  So, as promised, I'm going to help you with that scenario first - the "what if I screwed up already?" answer.
Let me answer with a story.  One of the greatest…