Are YOU On Demand?, Final

Time to wrap up the 4 parts on "Are YOU on Demand?" with the final challenge - how engaging are you?  Chances are, you probably consider yourself pretty engaging, which is why you are in sales, but let's take a step back and compare back to these "smart" devices again, and find out how engaging  they are.

On a recent 12 hour drive to see family in Maryland, my kids thought it would be amusing to talk to Siri.  They asked it every possible question to confuse and mesmerize this 'artificial intelligence,' while I, the driver, was pretty amused at the...well...conversation.

Kids: "What is the best smartphone?"
Siri: "I think you've already answered that question"
Kids: "what is the best smartphone?"
Siri: "Seriously?"
Kids: "Whatever"
Siri: "Fine"
Kids: "Whatever!"
Siri: "Everything is definitely OK"
Kids: "You are so weird"
Siri: "You are certainly entitled to that opinion"

and so on....

We were in stitches after a while, as the conversation deteriorated into name calling and marriage proposals.  I would say it was quite...engaging, But it didn't stop there.  Where did I go when I wanted to listen to music?  my smartphone.  Play games?  smartphone.  Look up directions? smartphone.  Check email?  weather?  Sports scores?  smartphone. smartphone. smartphone.

Hmm.  Seems like engaging may be code for - reliable, catch all, go-to device?  Yeah, I would think so.  So, let's bring it back to you.  I wouldn't recommend you all of a sudden have to be a rennaissance man or woman, with expertise in 28 categories (or, apps).  I WOULD, however, recommend that you demonstrate that kind of reliability and engagement as part of your personal brand.   You need to be easy to talk to, reliable with information, and just like Siri, willing to talk about what the CLIENT wants to talk about.  As I've said before, you don't have to know everything, just how to GET them the answer.

One other comparison:  Picture yourself at a party where you know almost noone.  Already, how comfortable is that?  Now, fast forward 3 hours when you are telling a good friend how you met someone at the party that was so engaging.  OK, you may not use that word.  Friendly? Conversational? Interesting?  Pick yours.  My point is this: What are the characteristics that would Make you say that about someone else?  Now, turn the tables:

What are the characteristics that would make someone say that YOU were great to talk to?

Make a list, then consciously BE that person the next time you meet a new customer.  Think about it - they feel like that party - or worse!  They typically know noone, and are petrified of bad or awkward conversation.  Be engaging, and win them over!  It'!


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